Five Cultural Observations About Pakistan

20 Nov
  1. Most houses in Lahore have a square shape, a flat roof and very large windows that are often covered up with thick outdoor shades called chiks. There is always at least one terrace.
  2. Cars and driveways are washed every day.
  3. Brooms and mops don’t have a stick. Traditional brooms are a bunch of needles that are tied together with a string. The sweeping is done while squatting. I once bought a mop with a stick for my own use, but the handle was mysteriously broken off. The helper claimed ignorance.
  4. Windows have, on the inside, a cage of steel horizontal bars.
  5. The ashoka tree is very popular here. In my family we call it the Upside Down Tree because the branches grown downward. Father Sez has a picture and the perfect description: it looks like a folded umbrella. I think people like it because space is limited here, and the tree fits in the smallest of yards.

One Response to “Five Cultural Observations About Pakistan”

  1. gumbomum November 21, 2009 at 10:22 pm #

    I like that tree!

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