Beautiful Life

9 Nov
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Pakistani women love fashion. At least, the women that I know. Trips to shop for fabric, lace, buttons and other notions are a weekly chore, and the tailor’s bill and punctuality a constant subject of conversation.

I have in the past been exasperated and impatient with what I’ve judged to be a rather frivolous and pointless use of time, energy and resources, but lately I have had the chance to re-think my attitude. In the face of terrorist attacks in schools and markets, hatred for women, and the impudent march of the wicked, I have come to realize that all these things, the clothes, the shopping trips, the haggling with the salesman at the fabric shop and dealing with the tailor, are part of the life that women make for themselves with the cards that they have been dealt.

I have learned that just because the whole thing seems foreign to me, it does not make it less valuable to them, and as such, I should speak up against those who would take it away, who would make it disappear, who would make women disappear behind a curtain of shame and rid their life of beauty and joy.

And so, here’s to Fashion Week-Pakistan, which ended yesterday.


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    […] now. I read in the local paper that Conan O’brien made a joke about burqas and the recent Fashion Week that took place in Karachi. It’s a pity, because his attempt at humour is not an accurate […]

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