13 Sep

Right-wing Hate: I read a couple of days ago about a pastor somewhere out West who prays from his pulpit for the death of Barack Obama. This religious nut waves his Bible and quotes from the scripture to justify his despicable wish. It’s pretty safe to say that liberals universally despised George W. Bush and his policies, and he was ridiculed and reviled by turns, but I don’ t think anybody ever wished him dead. When someone shows up at a Presidential event carrying a loaded gun and a sign that says it’s time to refresh the tree of liberty, you have to wonder what has happened to decency, what has happened to grace that such wickedness has come to walk the earth. I don’t care what cause you support and what right you think in your deluded mind you’re about to lose, you are the axis of evil. Health reform is not dangerous, this mad, hysteric fear, this rabid, racist foaming at the mouth is.

Barack Obama: I’m not disappointed yet, but I bet he is. It must be so disheartening to know that the country you thought you lived in is actually populated by raving lunatics who can’t see a good thing even when it hits them in the face. The worse part is knowing that regardless of the differences in ideology, if he weren’t a black man the hatred would not be half so intense nor so personal. I wish those who fill their mouths with hatred when they speak of Obama would stop a moment before they cast aspersions on the man and reflect on their own deeds, on the morality of their accusations and the feelings that motivate their anger. Are they angry because he said it’s not OK to torture people, or is their anger really about the fact that a black man, the son of an ethnic Muslim, is the President of the United States? He’s probably lost the chance for reelection, but I have a feeling that if he gets a meaningful health insurance reform bill passed by Congress, he would think the price was worth it. Let’s hope those spine-less Democrats in Congress don’t fail us again.

Quiverfull: That Arkansas woman is pregnant again. As Jane Austen said, “Poor Woman! How can she honestly be breeding again?”. I have two thoughts about them: They sure enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, don’t they? And with so many children in their life do they get to know them and treasure them as individuals? I would think not. It seems to me these people use their pregnancies simply to make a point.

Sonia Sotomayor: As a Hispanic woman, I was very moved by her appointment, and I am proud of her success and that of her family. I hope she can be a force for good on the Supreme Court.

Law School: I have decided that when we return to live in the United States, which I hope will be some time in the next two or three years, I’m going to try to go to law school. I’ve spent the last five years caring for my two children, and I know it will be difficult to find a high-paying job after such a long time out of the work force (and out of the country!). I’ve always been interested in the law, in the details and the history, and I have seen first hand how ignorance of the law on one hand and the cunning use of it on the other can effectively destroy a person’s life. I hope to take the entrance exam some time next year.

Sea World : I loved it! I was moved to tears when I first saw the dolphins and again during the whale show (what a sop I am!). I have conflicting feelings about animals in captivity. On the one hand I strongly believe wild animals belong in the wild, and I am opposed to small, concrete cages, cramped conditions and the maddening monotony in which these animals are forced to live, but on the other, I know that seeing a majestic creature in the flesh can have a powerful impact on people, which can lead to a change in attitudes regarding conservation. Protecting the environment can be a very abstract concept, with little perceived impact in people’s daily lives, but a strong impression can make a difference.

FDR & The Four Freedoms: I’ve been reading about the Roosevelt Institute’s Four Freedoms Award, and I find it so timely and so relevant to our times. FDR said that freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear are essential human freedoms that everybody deserves, everywhere in the world. What a concept. I guess he was a socialist too. Read the whole speech here.

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  1. Angry October 10, 2009 at 3:01 am #

    This is absolutely unthinkable. The only thing these sexed crazed people are teaching their kids and kids across America is to embellish in sex.
    Tax payers have to front a lot of the expenses. It’s absolutely insane. These freaks of nature need to be castrated

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