20 May

Here’s a second helping of what has been on my mind lately. To read the first one, go here.

Elizabeth Edwards: There was always something about John Edwards that I found slightly repelling. I confess I never really studied his positions, but whenever I heard him speak I didn’t find him credible, his style had no weight, he was too smooth, too rich, too pretty. I am very glad he did not win the primary this time around (he would have been squashed decisively by McCain), but what an embarrassment he has turned out to be. I always wonder what a woman will willingly endure and why. I am sorry Elizabeth Edwards openly admits that she knew about his affair very early in the campaign, because it’s very disappointing to learn that she helped him deceive us. Because of that I have little sympathy for her in this regard. 

Anne of Green Gables: I am re-reading the first book, and it is lovely. I have read all the books (I think there are eight), and while in my view Lucy Maud Montgomery went one or two books too far with her series (Anne Shirley as a fifty year old? It’s just not cute anymore), I’m really enjoying it, and I can’t wait for my daughter to learn to read so I can share it with her. I didn’t learn English until I was 17 so I didn’t grow up with all these books, but reading them now as an adult and a mother has a charm all its own.

Dick CheneyBogeyman go away! You have delighted us long enough, as Mr Bennet said.

Apocalypto: I caught this movie on television the other night. It gave me nightmares, but as often happens with realistic films, I couldn’t look away. How brutal were my ancestors! And what ugly piercings! But by the end I was more convinced that our first duty is to our family, not to our tribe or even our country, but to our children and husbands or wives.

The New Star Trek movie: I am so looking forward to watching this. There is a state-of-the-art theater in our neighborhood, and it just started playing it. Scratch that out of my list, please. I noticed recently that the parking lot of the movie theater seems curiously empty, and yesterday I found out why: it’s become the target of threats. So, no Star Trek movie for me until I can watch it at home. ;-(

Michelle Obama’s clothes: One thing I like is the thoroughly modern way she dresses. I can identify with her taste, even if it’s not exactly what I would wear. I do think that if I had all that money, I wouldn’t buy from only one place, as she supposedly does, and I would wear hose with my dresses. But,  it is fun to see what she wears and how she interprets her role. She is bound to do it differently, because she is.


4 Responses to “Ramblings”

  1. Courtney May 23, 2009 at 6:14 pm #

    interesting take on John Edwards – I actually LOVED him for years and he was the first senator I voted for when I lived in North Carolina, but this whole situation breaks my heart. He can never be redeemed in my mind – but I do have some empathy for Elizabeth – I can’t imagine knowingly coming to the end of your life and have to be faced with this horror show. She probably feels like she doesn’t have a ton of options.

  2. natalian May 24, 2009 at 11:37 pm #

    I loved Anne of Green Gables, and I always enjoy returning to my childhood favourites. I even read some of Enid Blyton’s books the other day!

  3. lvmg (Lizzy) May 26, 2009 at 1:43 pm #

    Courtney, I feel very sorry for Elizabeth Edwards. It seems to me that she sacrificed her career and her ambitions for someone who did not deserve it, all while raising her children and battling a deadly disease. It’s an example of how much women do for others and how much they give up of themselves in exchange for very little.

    My sympathy ends there, though. I see two choices here: One, stay with your husband, forgive and move on. Do not write a book about it. Two, file for divorce and end your marriage. Feel free to trash him as much as you like, or not.

    I can understand her keeping quiet once JE decided to stay in the race, because had she left him then she would have effectively ruined him; this way he did it all by himself. Going on Oprah and writing a book after the fact is clearly an indulgence that smacks a little bit like revenge. I just see a lot of hypocrisy in doing that while supposedly working to heal your marriage.

    Natalian, I had never heard of Enyd Blyton, but her books are very popular here, and I have bought some for my daughter already. Coming from the other side of the world means there are tons of books left to discover!


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