Around the World in 80 Clicks

8 May

My friend Charlotte, who was my first blogging friend, has tagged me for a meme  for mothers who live in far away lands. I can answer the call perfectly, because I am a mother, and I am definitely in a far away land.

Five Things I Enjoy About Motherhood

  1. On a hard day it’s difficult to think of one thing I enjoy, let alone five, but I always love how a hug can truly change my mood and make me happy. Even on the worst day, the sincere, eager embrace of my children does it for me: the clouds pass, the brow unfurls, the smile begins.
  2. I enjoy the sense of purpose. I know that I am needed and wanted and that knowledge gives meaning to my life, regardless of anything else I may have to deal with as a woman, a wife and a human being.
  3. One of the best things about being a mother is that I have someone to love, to shower with affection, someone who right now truly belongs to me and not only wants my love, but actually needs it.
  4. The opportunity to mould a human being, to try to teach kindness, compassion, and a sense of honor. I look forward to the chance to cultivate a mind, to share the learning and the wonder, to see it all through my children’s eyes and explore the world afresh. I hope to instill in them the love of books, the respect for nature, the appreciation for beauty and peace, for words, music and art. There is so much to do and that is wonderful!
  5. I feel safe having a family of my own. This little family of my own making is like my little nest, my niche in life, the rabbit hole that I can run to when things get tough. There will always be a connection between us, no matter how much distance there is, or how much time passes. I have it with my own parents, and I look forward to having that tie with my children as they grow up and become my dear friends.

I will not tag anyone, because it seems everyone I know is doing this meme, but if you feel it suits you, consider yourself tagged.



One Response to “Around the World in 80 Clicks”

  1. natalian May 11, 2009 at 11:46 am #

    I found myself nodding my head in absolute agreement with a smile on my face when reading your first point! That is so true! Enjoyed reading your five points!

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