Seven things I disapprove of

29 Jan

I am pilfering Charlotte´s post about the things she approves of, but since thirty days of daily 4-hour blackouts, -2°C weather in a country where insulation and central heating do not exist, and daily rationing of cooking fuel have left me just a tiny bit grumpy, I am writing about the things that I detest.

  •  Corruption, ranging from the traffic cop who wants a hundred rupees before he lets you drive on your merry way, to the $100,000 Mercedes that nearly drove you off the road, to the 19-year-old party boy who inherits his own political party, to the total failure of a nation to provide the basic necessities to its people while not neglecting to invest in nuclear weapons that could murder millions of human beings; to the executives of international aid organizations and their expense accounts, who dine in first-class restaurants and drive the $100,000 Mercedes that nearly drove you off the road.
  • Women who become politically powerful because of the men in their life. I am offended by women who, regardless of their own merits, get elected primarily because of who their fathers or their husbands were.
  • Women who think of nothing but shopping.
  • Landlords who think there´s nothing wrong with you heating your bath water in a saucepan in the kitchen. Water heaters do not get fixed by themselves, you know.
  • Unruly children who break the toys that my daughter lovingly and carefully plays with.
  • Fruit vendors who cheat and over-charge foreign women who don´t speak Urdu.
  • Religious zealots (of any kind) and people who don´t keep their religion to themselves.

And one more, because I´m that grumpy:

  • People who kill, who hurt others, who set fire to things that don´t belong to them, who loot, cause chaos and turn the world upside down.

5 Responses to “Seven things I disapprove of”

  1. charlotteotter January 29, 2008 at 8:15 pm #

    I don’t blame you for feeling disapproving: that is quite a list. I think the idea of inheriting political power is a nonsense – whether it’s women or men inheriting. Political power should be based on being representative of the people’s interests and on being elected. Your description of corruption in Pakistan is pretty similar to the corruption in South Africa, I’m afraid.

    I’m sorry things are so bad, and I sincerely hope that you and your family are okay.

  2. Tai February 12, 2008 at 6:02 am #

    I approve of your disapproval! Except, I’m not as offended by women inheriting political power. Perhaps because, typically, they haven’t had many other pathways to such power. There’s quite a formidable list: Bhutto, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Bachelet, Indira Gandhi, Kirchner, etc.

    You’re right about all the shopping, that’s got to stop. And what’s wrong with your ridiculous landlord?!

  3. lvmg (Lizzy) February 13, 2008 at 4:25 pm #

    I think what offends me most about women and inherited power is that most of them start at the top. I don´t see how having a relative in politics qualifies anyone for political office, especially for a leadership position. I want equal rights for women, but not preferential treatment, and I don´t consider using a man´s reputation to get ahead as a worthy or honorable thing to do.

    Men use whatever means they can get to reach the top, too, including using their family name, but I don´t think I have ever seen a man get elected because of his wife´s reputation.

    The women I know here in Pakistan are obsessed with shopping. It´s their main occupation.

    Our landlord´s excuse for everything is that ¨this is Pakistan¨. We ended up fixing the water heater ourselves.

  4. TheElementary February 19, 2008 at 12:54 am #

    This was a very thoughtful list; I’m sure we can all identify. It’s clear to me that people who write this passionately just want a good life and a happy world. An excellent post, not so much a rant, as a cry for fairness.


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