One more day

29 Nov

It’s one down, one to go with NaBloPoMo. Half of what I’ve written this month is rubbish, so I’m not too pleased with the outcome of the exercise, but on the other hand I enjoyed writing when I did feel inspired and my other obligations allowed me free time.

The hardest part has been convincing my daughter that her mama can do other things besides playing and reading stories. I wonder if every child of her age requires so much attention. My husband says her attitude is normal, but the truth is that it is exhausting to be followed around constantly.

I have made a concerted effort to see things from her point of view and to actually enjoy her rather funny games. Tonight, for example, she was playing with my hair pretending it was the grass to feed her toy horses. But I confess that it is hard to be always available and it gets very boring to play the same games over and over. Motherhood is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done.


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