Just in time

16 Nov

It’s 11:26 p.m. and the Internet just started working about ten minutes ago. It’s been off for most of the day, so I almost missed a day of NaBloPoMo.

Most of our guests have gone this morning, and I have revelled in the silence and calm that always seems to remain after we’ve had visitors. These particular guests were not the most gracious or easy to please. Maybe because of that my 30-minute nap turned into a two-hour deep sleep. It was great to curl under the blanket and let my body and my mind rest. It was a little cold today, and that made my little dog-nap even more delicious.

When I have gone back to Honduras in years past it has always amused me to see people wearing a sweater at the first sign of rain, even if it’s still hot outside. The same thing happens in Pakistan. Nights and early mornings can be cool, with the temperature around the low 20’s, but by noon it’s back up to 28°.

Today I saw a little girl hanging from the back of a motorcycle on her way to school. She was wearing a burgundy sweater and thick woolen tights. My daughter is supposed to wear a v-neck vest with her uniform since the first of November, but she simply refuses to wear it, much less anything resembling woolen tights.


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