Meme of Five

11 Nov

My inspiration has run dry today and all I can manage is a meme.

What Were You Doing 10 years ago?

We had just moved to a new apartment in a new city, and I was trying to make it a home. I had a balcony where I planted sunflowers, tomatoes and summer squash. When we bought our first house I forgot what it was to live in this apartment, but now, after some sad years in that house, the memories of a carefree, more youthful time are coming back.

Five Snacks You Enjoy:


Potato Chips (crisps)

Fries (chips)


Cake or cookies

Five Songs You Know All the Lyrics to:

Love is a Battlefield, by Pat Benatar

Playa Giron, by Silvio Rodriguez

Si te vas, by Shakira

Into the Groove, by Madonna

Drive, by The Cars

Five Things You Would Do If You Were a Millionaire

I would give my parents a million or two

and my two brothers a million each

I’d buy a house in the Mediterranean

I would travel the world with my husband and my daughter

and I would support the causes that mean something to me

Five Bad Habits

I drink too much Coca-Cola

I spend far too much time on the internet

I am guilty of procrastination

I lose things all the time

and I should quit eating chocolate.

Five Things You Like Doing:






Five Things You Would Never Wear Again:

Green anything, it brings out the olive of my skin

Size four anything

Hair past my shoulders-I look like Pocahontas

Super-thin eyebrows, not a good look

Party make-up from a Pakistani beautician who doesn’t speak English

Five Favourite Toys:

Laptop computer

Nikon Digital Camera

Mixer (a Kitchen Aid model is still on my wish list)

DVD player

Electric oven


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