8 Nov

Toy world 

This is my daughter’s room. We decided to have these shelves built because we like our little girl to be able to see her toys, and it is a much neater arrangement than a toy chest.

I just moved the books to the bottom shelves, and transferred her little animals to the now-empty book case. I’m still working on organizing the top shelves, but the drawers now hold her toys separated by groups, with coloring books in one, building blocks in another, etc.

Some of the toys are relics from my childhood, like Pluto and the two big white teddy bears. I also have my last baby doll, but I’ve put that away for the present.

I wonder sometimes if we have too many toys. My daughter is not a destructive child, but cares for and appreciates each one of her toys. It’s heartwarming to see her play. She makes up her own little world.

I don’t actually buy toys all the time. I try to think about what she needs as she grows, about her interests, and what I’d like to encourage in her, so I feel comfortable with abundance. It’s not taken lightly in our house.


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