Twenty-five things I am happy about

5 Nov

I saw this list at Helen‘s site and since I’ve had a couple of gloomy days lately, I should make a list too.

1. My daughter is back to her happy self after a really tough couple of days of tantrums and crying fits.

2. I made a large batch of potato patties today. They are nicely wrapped and sitting in the freezer.

3. I really like my new banner. It’s a euphorbia plant, native to Madagascar. The colors are beautiful.

4. I tidied all my daughter’s toys, sorting them by theme and discarding the broken ones. I made a pile for charity that we will take to the farm on the next trip.

5. My passport was not lost after all, just too well put away! Thank goodness I didn’t report it as lost.

6. The weather has changed and we don’t need air conditioning anymore. No sweating!

7. The internet is still functioning in Pakistan.

8. I finished Daniel Deronda. I thought for a while that it would be one of those books that must be abandoned mid-way.

9. A new wholesale-style supermarket has opened in Lahore. They carry mascarpone cheese, broccoli, avocado and ricotta cheese. Expensive but worth it.

10. We visited what we hope will be my daughter’s school next year, the Convent of Jesus and Mary. The campus is serene and beautiful, and the principal is a nun from Spain.

11. My husband found some green bananas for me. I’m going to fry them up tomorrow and eat them with chilmol, a tomato and onion relish.

12. We have bought a small electric oven. It’s more like a toaster oven that bakes, but it works. Now my cakes are almost what they should be.

13. Our kitchen now has an island, so we have a proper work station that doesn’t break my back. I can take my better mixing bowls out of their plastic bags and put them in the drawers, and the kitchen towels don’t have to be stored with the bed linen.

14. Our new helper knows her job and is very tidy. I knew it when she washed the sink after doing the dishes.

15. I have started losing the extra pounds I gained while I was in Honduras.

16. I’ve colored my gray hair, so no more white roots.

17. I found a picture of my room in our old house in Honduras. It shows a Ziggi doll that now belongs to my daughter.

18. My litte girl’s preschool is having a Language Arts Festival this week, and I’ve been invited to speak in Spanish for my daughter’s nursery class. I’m going to sing “Los Pollitos Dicen”.

19. The fried chicken I made for dinner last night turned out very well, and it was delicious at lunch too.

20. My parents are spending two months at their house in America, so I don’t have to worry about their safety while they are there. Honduras is sadly ridden with crime.

21. I’m going to start The Name of the Rose in a few days, when I finish the book I’m reading now.

22. I found this cookie on a new (to me) blog. It made me smile and brightened my day.

23. I bought some really nice winter clothes for my daughter at a shop that sells export-quality garments at discounted prices.

24. I spoke to my parents today.

25. My daughter is over the flu, and her chest congestion is almost cleared up.

Well, I made it! I thought when I started that I would have a problem getting to number twenty-five. I am lucky.


5 Responses to “Twenty-five things I am happy about”

  1. Helen November 6, 2007 at 7:30 am #

    I hope you’re feeling better today! I need to revisit the 25 Things list too. I’ve been so gloomy lately – and Kiko has been in tantrumming-crying mode… I think it’s the alignment of the planets.

    I remember in Japan we didn’t have a proper oven then I got a small electric one, which was probably similar to yours. I was so happy when we got it! I even managed to make a Christmas dinner in it one year!

  2. Gina November 27, 2007 at 12:38 am #

    I hope you don’t mind if I copy the 25 happy things idea as I am having trouble thinking of new things to blog about besides Christmas. The flower in your header is beautiful.

  3. lvmg (Lizzy) November 27, 2007 at 6:57 am #

    Go right ahead, Gina!

  4. wahiba August 26, 2010 at 1:16 pm #

    9. A new wholesale-style supermarket has opened in Lahore. They carry mascarpone cheese, broccoli, avocado and ricotta cheese. Expensive but worth it.

    Could you please let me know which supermarket you’re talking about?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Lizzy August 26, 2010 at 4:21 pm #

      Hi Wahiba,

      The supermarket I mentioned in my post is Metro. There are two outlets in Lahore.

      Since I wrote this post Hyperstar has opened in Fortress Stadium, and I have seen mascarpone cheese there, as well as other European cheeses. They also carry a good variety of vegetables, both imported and locally produced.

      Good luck finding what you need, and thanks for visiting!

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