A dolly’s dress

16 Apr

My daughter has a new baby doll. I bought it for her last year before we moved, and just now gave it to her. She loves it, and when I see her carry it like a baby, and care for it with tenderness, I am glad I got it for her.

I admit I had a moment of doubt. I had this tiny thought about perpetuating the accepted female role in society by giving her a toy to play mother.

But in the end I realized that more than anything, I want my daughter to be a happy, loving woman,  and that playing with a baby doll is a good way to encourage her to express her feelings, and to develop that nurturing quality that I so admire in my fellow women.

The doll has her own wardrobe, and yesterday I made a dress to add to it. Considering that this is my first doll’s dress, it came out quite nice.

I love gingham. I have plenty of this fabric left and I will start a dress for my little girl later this week. I looked through my patterns today and I have chosen number 7189 from Simplicity. I tried linking to a picture on their website but it caused an error on my page.

I will post pictures as I progress on my project. It will probably be slow going, as I cannot possibly work when my daughter is awake. She makes a muddle of my threads and loves to ‘help’ :-)


3 Responses to “A dolly’s dress”

  1. Kerryn April 17, 2007 at 11:31 am #

    The doll, and the dress especially, are adorable.

    I’ve watched my nieces play with dolls and have wondered whether nurturing comes instinctively, or is learnt. Each of my nieces have watched their mothers and aunts looking after other children and it would appear that they have learnt how to mother from watching. But how would that explain the attempts to mother a toy truck? And why did my nephews all go through a phase where they mothered baby-dolls before gravitating towards toys with wheels?

  2. mermaids April 19, 2007 at 1:42 am #

    sweet little dress! i wouldn’t worry about perpetuating any sort of stereotype. your daughter will learn to be a woman by watching you and the other women in her life, not by playing with a toy.

  3. Helen May 7, 2007 at 3:25 pm #

    Before I had Kiko, one of my war-cries was: “Children are socialised into male and female roles!” I was adamant that if I had a son, he would play with dolls.

    What does Kiko do to the dolls? Bashes them in the face with his squeaky hammer. On the other hand, he is obsessed with vehicles. So I’ve given in! At least he’s kind to his teddies.

    If I had a little girl I’d probably go overboard with buying her dolls. I loved dolls when I was a kid and still do. My mum used to make them clothes. The pink gingham dress you made is lovely and reminds me of the dolls’ clothes my mum made.

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