Lahore Fort, Lahore, Pakistan

16 Mar

These are some pictures from our visit to Lahore Fort, from early March. Excavations at the Fort have yielded artifacts dating back to around 1070 B.C.

This is the entrance to the Fort, opposite the Badshahi Mosque, of which unfortunately I don’t have a photo. It was a hot and sunny day and with a child in tow we just couldn’t see everything. 

View from an inner courtyard.

The fort is a huge place, with many lovely buildings surrounding the main quarters.

I have posted more photographs on my new travel page, which I have named Phileas Blogg . I have just finished reading Around the World in Eighty Days and I could not resist the name. I remember there was a silly cartoon show when I was a child. I have read that Jules Verne has been the victim of poor translations, and I think it’s true, though the book was enjoyable in spite of its simplistic prose. The characters are somewhat stereotypical, with some broad cultural preconceptions but it’s good to remember that it was written more than a century ago.

I found the book at a used bookstore here in Lahore, but I’ll try to get a copy in the original French when I am next abroad. My French was very good at one time, so we’ll see how I do now. My husband and I hope to spend some time in France in the future so our daughter can learn the language and bask in the culture.


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