Dew drops

15 Mar


“Trust me Spring is very near

All the buds are swelling;

All the glory of the year

In those buds is dwelling”

                                                         James Clark Maxwell

I really have no time to post, but I found this lovely poem tonight and have sneaked away to write it down. I was feeling a little sad and melancholy today, but this has cheered my spirits. It reminded me that winter doesn’t last forever, that there is always a new day coming, and that no matter how low we feel, there is always something around the bend to look for, as Anne Shirley would say.

I watched the last hour of the movie “Big Fish” this afternoon, and it made me cry. It made me think about death, and life, and love. It made me hug my family tightly and the words I love you dropped from my lips. When I put my daughter to bed tonight, she whispered ‘I want to sleep in your arms’ as she moved closer to me. My heart is full.


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